WVIS is rooted & growing
in the light of God's love.

We warmly extend to you an invitation to join us in a safe, nurturing atmosphere of quiet where you can come and be companioned on your spiritual journey with dedicated Spiritual Directors.

The West Virginia Institute For Spirituality is dedicated to providing space and opportunities for deepening mindfulness, prayer practice, interior peace, and for integrating moral and ethical values. Please see links below for details about our facility and grounds:

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The West Virginia Institute For Spirituality

WVIS Newsletter - Autumn 2014 Edition is posted on WVIS website.

Included in this edition of the newsletter:
** Calendar of events offered at WVIS September – November
** Update from the WVIS Board of Directors President
** Updates from the WVIS Executive Director
** WVIS Alumni News
** "From Frazzled to Focused" information on upcoming seminar
** Article on 'The Jerusalem Windows'
** YOU can help!
** Updates from our Satellite locations
** Article: 'Experience as a Group Spiritual Director'
** Article: 'Gratitude and Grace'
** Article: 'You Lead, I'll Follow'
** Article: 'Tools for Temple Maintenance Posted and Published'
** Article: 'Sign Chi Do / Moving Prayer'
** 'Reflections on My Retreat'
** Retreat Opportunities at WVIS
** 'Praying in Autumn: A Cyclic Reflection'
** What you will find on the WVIS website
** 'Article: 'Receiving Bodywork Within A Silent Retreat'

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