19th Annotation

What is the 19th Annotation or RETREAT in Everyday Life.  St. Ignatius of Loyola, who created the Spiritual Exercises during the 16th century, knew even then that some people would not be able to take 30 days away from their regular responsibilities.

So he prepared an option of the 30-day retreat for those who life is busy, yet are yearning for a deeper life with God.  In this retreat, there are daily scriptures, prayer and journaling as well as meeting with a spiritual director weekly. 

The retreat covers between 32 – 34 weekly sessions, personalized to the person making the retreat.  It is an opportunity to look at God and self and how God is a part of your daily life in a deeper way.  If you are interested, contact Sr. Carole Riley, CDP  for more information (wviscr@aol.com or 304.345.0926)

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What to expect

Your director will provide you with a schedule for each day of your retreat that includes prayer time (with scriptures assigned), exercise, rest, mealtime, and two 30-minute direction sessions each day. Your director will spend time on your first evening of retreat listening to better understand your current relationship with God, what graces you hope for on the retreat, and why you felt called to make this retreat at this time. They will walk you through a typical time of prayer which includes four scripture passages each day and different ways you might enter into them.

During each direction session, your director will listen and sometimes ask a question that invites you to reflect more deeply on what you are hearing during prayer. These conversations are about the questions you bring and focus on whatever it is that you wish to discern together. Your director serves as a reflector or mirror to help you see more clearly what you are already seeing.

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Choose your location

Even during this time of pandemic, you can choose to come to WVIS and stay safely in the Hermitage onsite or complete your retreat from the comfort of your own home via Zoom. If you would like to come to WVIS, select the dates you’d like to attend and email or call Sister Carole (wviscr@aol.com or 304.345.0926) to make sure those dates are available. WVIS has Covid protocols in place to protect both our retreatants and the members of the retreat house. If you prefer to do your retreat from home, all aspects of the retreat remain the same except that you will meet online with a spiritual director via Zoom.

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