Upcoming Programs and Retreats at WVIS Here

 G.R.A.S.P. (Grief Recovery After Substance Passing)
1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
6-8 pm
West Virginia Institute for Spirituality
Cenacle Hall
Denise Hanson, RN, Facilitator


 Almost Heaven Retreats (2019)   – in progress  now to  July 14 Almost Heaven Retreats WVIS Brochure 2019
                                   Get a head start on 2020 –    2020 Almost Heaven Retreats WVIS Brochure
A booklet for your reflection and prayer during the month of June:  Reflections and Prayers for West Virginia


 Continuing Professional Development October 2019:  2019 Continuing Professional Development Flyer and Registration Form


Beginning September 13, 2019 … An online course – Transcendence Crises with J. Patrick Foley, Ph.D. (click here for more information on the course and how to register)


January 16-19, 2020  Intensive Workshop: Methods of Directing the 19th Annotation Retreat in Everyday Life     2020 Retreat in Everyday Life 19th Annotation (flyer with registration information)


Continuing Professional Development 2020:  2020 Continuing Professional Development

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