A GRASP Testimonial by Denise Hanson, RN

Recently, I was approached by Marshall University and the WVDHHR Office of Drug Control Policy about GRASP.
They are just as eager to spread the word of our meetings as we are.
August 31st Marshall University held a Virtual Day of Hope virtual webinar. I was invited to go live and tell my son’s story, my story and about GRASP. At the end of the day, we had a memorial in which I shared a video made to remember so many lost to Overdose or Substance Use Disorder.
Below is a youtube link to this memorial. Just hold you finger on the link and select Youtube to start it. My son Greg, is on banner 5. At the end is a picture of Greg on Lake Erie. A picture I took while we were walleye fishing. The next picture of Chinese lanterns forming a cross in the sky was from Greg’s 1st angel birthday. About 35 family and friends gathered at his favorite place, Summersville lake to celebrate his 27th birthday and release the lanterns over the lake at dusk.
Marshall University has also created a web page “The Moveable Project” to share the gift of story telling in order to bring healing. They asked I make a video for them to share on this page. Again the focus is to talk of recovery, but in my instance GRASP which is about grief recovery is part of the topic.
Below is the link to the page.
If you scroll down, you will see my name, under a “quote” I said, then hit the arrow to see the video. God has pushed me to share what happened to Greg July 21, 2016, and I said I would if he opened the doors. He has.
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September is recovery month and the Office of Drug Control Policy asked I make another video. In this video, there are 4 GRASP members and myself talking of how GRASP has helped us in our grief journey to heal. It will be shown on Facebook under Help&Hope for WV, Quality Insights and Healthy Connections, #WVrecoverymonth2020, #recoverymonth2020
Everyday this month is a topic to help people either go into recovery or help those in recovery how to get their licenses’ re-instated after a DUI or drug related DUI, how to register to vote, governmental advocacy 101 on helping to lobby to change laws to improve the lives of those in recovery, just a multitude of topics.
Please feel free to share these videos to the WVIS fb page or your webpage.
Denise Hanson, RN
GRASP Charleston Chapter Founder

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