30-Day Directed Retreat

A 30-day Directed Ignatian Retreat is a rich opportunity to enter into silence to taste and see the goodness of the Lord through the Spiritual Exercises.  During your retreat, you will engage in meditation and contemplative prayer rooted in the Sacred Scriptures and the Ignatian Tradition.

There are a number of reasons that one makes a 30-day Ignatian Retreat. However, one that we hear often is the desire to spent time away from their typical routine as they discern a possible new call in their lives. Spending this time dedicated to listening can also be a profound experience that leads to discerning the Father’s will for your life with regard to the call you are feeling.

The Spiritual Exercises are a type of map, a map for the human heart to follow in prayerful medication and contemplation.  To follow these exercises brings one into intimate contact with the risen presence of Jesus Christ who reveals the Father of all mercy and consolation.

To actually experience The Spiritual Exercises, one must follow the guidance of a spiritual director who provides guidelines for a deeper encounter with God at work amid the inter-dynamic of human desiring.  In the 30-day format the retreatant prays four to five hours daily and sees the spiritual director for an hour each day.

When you come to WVIS to make a 30-day Ignatian Retreat during this time of pandemic, you will have the opportunity to stay at the Hermitage located on the retreat house property. While there, you can spend time in the beautiful gardens or in the Chapel (Nazareth House of Prayer), located just outside the Hermitage.

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My experience of a 30-day Ignatian Retreat

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