A GRASP Testimonial by Denise Hanson, RN

Recently, I was approached by Marshall University and the WVDHHR Office of Drug Control Policy about GRASP. They are just as eager to spread the word of our meetings as we are. August 31st Marshall University held a Virtual Day of Hope virtual webinar. I was invited to go live and tell my son’s story, my story and about GRASP. At the end of the day, we had a memorial in which I shared a video made to remember so many lost to Overdose or Substance Use Disorder. Below is a youtube link to this memorial. Just hold you finger on the link and select Youtube to start it. My son Greg, is on banner 5. At the end is a picture of Greg on Lake Erie. A picture I took while we were walleye fishing. The next picture of Chinese lanterns forming a cross in the sky was from Greg’s 1st angel birthday. About 35 family and friends gathered...Read More >

New Edition of the History of WVIS available

The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality is pleased to announce a new edition of The History of WVIS.  This book is now available for purchase and your reading pleasure.   Throughout the chapters, you will see our growth and progress from 2010-2019. As you review the second decade of WVIS history, first, join us in giving thanks for God’s Providential development of the Institute, second, for Christina St. Clair, who compiled, integrated, and creatively crafted a testimony to God’s faithfulness to the anawim.  Third, ponder the people blessed through participation, but more importantly, BLESS those who have given of their own gifts to bless others. The donation for this book is $35.00 plus shipping (media rate is $4.50). Also available, the history of WVIS from 1999-2009 written by Ginny Masters the donation for this book is $20.00 plus shipping (media rate is $2.00). You may request your book through email at wvislorena@aol.com,  wviscr@aol.com  or call WVIS 304.345.0926.

Upcoming Programs and Retreats at WVIS Here

 G.R.A.S.P. (Grief Recovery After Substance Passing) 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month 6-8 pm West Virginia Institute for Spirituality Cenacle Hall Denise Hanson, RN, Facilitator 304-380-6186 Almost Heaven Retreats (2021)   – 2021 Almost Heaven Retreats WVIS Brochure The Almost Heaven Retreats will be offered on site and via Zoom. The directed retreat is a silent time in which the retreatant is guided through a prayer experience by a personal spiritual director.  The retreatant meets daily with the director to reflect upon the prayer experience and to discern in the light of the experience how to proceed.  The material for prayer is Scripture.  If you have never made a directed retreat, a Friday evening through Sunday morning is a recommended introduction.  A weekend retreat is helpful in preparing retreatants to make longer retreats such as a 3 to 8 day retreat, or the thirty day experience.  If you would like more information or the opportunity to talk more about this, call (304) 345-0926. ...Read More >

WVIS Newsletters – 2019 – 2020

     WVIS 2020 – 3 Winter-Spring 2020 Edition of the WVIS Newsletter:  WVIS_Newsletter Newsletter #3 2019:    WVIS Newsletter Number 3, 2019…  The Spring-Summer Edition of the WVIS Newsletter:  WVIS Spring-Summer 2019 Newsletter The Winter Edition of the WVIS Newsletter :  WVIS Winter 2019 Newsletter (click here to read the newsletter) The Summer-Fall Edition of  the WVIS Newsletter: WVIS Summer-Fall 2019 Newsletter

Sister Carole Riley CDP, Ph.D. Programs

Have you attended one of Sr. Carole Riley’s workshops and wished you had taped her presentation? Now, many of her recorded programs are available for purchase.  Click below to see which programs are available. Sister Carole Riley, CDP, Ph. D. Programs


Part-time help needed:  cooking, cleaning, maintenance. If interested contact Sr. Carole Riley   **Volunteer your time at WVIS: filing, housekeeping, cook a meal, answer the phone, weed the garden **Purchase Gift cards from: Walmart, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Amazon for house and retreatant needs. **Monetary donations:  coming soon you will be able to use your credit card to send a donation to WVIS. **k-cups for Keurig:  regular and decaf coffee, herbal teas   Do you shop online?  If so, your online shopping can benefit WVIS.  Here’s how: 1.  www.igive.com/button/ Add the i.give button to your browser – register and indicate you wish your shopping to help the West Virginia Institute for Spirituality. There are many stores on the igive site.  A percentage of your purchase will be sent to WVIS by those participating stores. 2.  You can shop smile.amazon.com, which is the exact same as Amazon.com. However, when you go to smile.amazon.com, they will donate 0.5% of all of your purchases...Read More >

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