WVIS Executive Director

Sr. Carole Riley, CDP, Ph.D., LPC, AAPC-Fellow

Sister Carole Riley, CDP, Ph. D. Programs/Workshops on Disc

WVIS Executive Consultant

 Sr. Mary Pellicane, r.c., B.A.


           Associate Spiritual  Directors and Ministry Team Living
in the Charleston, WV  Area

*Charlie Boll, 11th Step Ministry
*Sr. Molly Maloney, O.S.F., M.A., LMT Spiritual Director, Supervisor
Sr. Rose Ann Hefner, CSJ, M.S., LPC, LSW, Spiritual Director, Supervisor
Elizabeth Lambros, MSW, Group Supervisor
*Kathy Lester, B.S., M.B.A., Spiritual Director
LaRee Naviaux, Ph.D., Supervisor
*Rev. Bill Petro, M.A., Spiritual Director, Supervisor
*Sister Mary Irene Sorber, SCC, M.S., Itinerant Spiritual Director
*Bob Sylvester, M.A., Spiritual Director, Supervisor
Laurie Thompson, Spiritual Director Intern
*Ann J. Winton, Spiritual Director Intern
*Geraldine Wright, MAPM, M.B.A., Spiritual Director
Rev. Mr. David Wuletich, R.N., B.A., Spiritual Director, Supervisor


Associate Spiritual Directors and Ministry Team living Outside of Charleston, WV

Sr. Donna M Beck, CSJ, Ph.D., FAMI, Spiritual Director, Supervisor  (Pittsburgh, PA)
*Eileen Chwalibog, B.A., Spiritual Director, Supervisor  (Huntington, WV)
Liz Deal, Spiritual Director Intern (Huntington, WV)
Sr. Marie Ann Ellmer, RSM, Spiritual Director (Philadelphia, PA)
Fr. Dave Glockner, Spiritual Director (Grayson, KY)
Roxanne Kaiser-Antonowich, Ed. D., Spiritual Director (Water Gap, Pennsylvania)
Leanna Mock-Lake, Spiritual Director, (Waynesburg, PA)
Margaret Llamas, Spiritual Director (New York City, NY)
*Virginia H. Masters (Ginny), Associate Spiritual Director (Hilton Head, SC)
Nancy Martins, Spiritual Director Intern (Hinton, WV)
*Cynthia A. Neely, R.N., M.S., Spiritual Director, Supervisor (Chapel Hill, NC)
Carrie Nickerson, M.A., MSN, Ed.D., R.N, Ongoing & Ignatian Retreat Direction; Supervision (Cresson & Pittsburgh PA)
*Paula Osborne,  Spiritual Director (Berkley Springs, WV
Dr. Robert Osborne, Spiritual Director (Berkley Springs, WV)
*Margaret “Susie” Pace, Spiritual Director, (Princeton, WV)
Mary Quick, Spiritual Director (Spencer, WV)
*Sr. Ritamary Schulz, A.S.C.J., M.S., M.S.Ed., Spiritual Director, Supervisor (Greensburg, PA)
Rev. Diane Shoaf, M. Div., M.Ed., Spiritual Director (Miami, FL)
Canon Debbie Short, Spiritual Director, Supervisor (Hilton Head, SC)
Elaine Soper, Spiritual Director Intern (Lewisburg, WV)
*Rev. Dorinda Trouteaud, Spiritual Director Intern (Atlanta, GA)

          *Ministry Team Member

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Director of Hospitality
Sister Mary Irene Sorber

Bookkeeper & Maintenance Coordinator
Lorena Thomas

Finance Office
Sr. Ritamary Shultz, ASCJ
Christine Watson (volunteer)

Mrs. Ayers
Catherine Byus
Carolyn Cannon
Pastor Nancy B. Jones
Serena Joslin
Farheen Kazi
Kim McClung
Tim McClung
Mary McCormack
Sarah McCormack
Ann Persinger
Laurensia Ri’Imanu
Michael Roderick
Veronica St. Clair
Haley Salmon

Housekeeping and Maintenance
Karen Andruzis    (click here for picture)
Lisa Merrell   (click here for picture)
De Wayne Harry Pennington    (click here for picture)

Maria Gonzales









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