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Retreat Opportunities

Almost Heaven Retreats

Individual Directed Retreat

Retreats are available year round at The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality.  You are invited to grow in your personal relationship with God on a personal retreat with a Spiritual Director. WVIS offers individually directed retreats ranging from 3 to 10 days. Silence, prayer and individual spiritual direction sessions are central components of these retreat offerings. You may schedule an individual directed retreat with your spiritual director or contact Sr. Carole Riley at  412-901-4259 or email wviscr@aol.com.
 Almost Heaven Summer Retreats:
 May 24-July 14, 2019 Almost Heaven Retreats     2019 Almost Heaven Retreats WVIS Brochure

 Welcome to The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality



30-day Spiritual Exercises

WVIS offers the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola in a 30 day format. Silence, prayer, liturgy, contemplative prayer, and individual spiritual direction sessions are central components of these retreat offering.  Suggested donation: $2,550.00 with a non-refundable $300 deposit. In addition, “Healing Touch Massage Therapy” is offered at an additional offering.
WVIS 30 Day Retreat Information
30 Day Retreat Forms to download and print:
30 Day Retreat Application Form
30 Day Retreat Recommendation Forms






Sabbatical Program

Nature of the Sabbatical Time:
Rooted and growing in the light of God’s love, the West Virginia Institute for Spirituality provides a quiet, four season setting where individuals can find peace in solitude; savor God’s presence in prayer; delight in the gifts of creation; experience new ways of being in relationship with God, with self, with others and with the world.


Sabbatical Opportunities:                                                                              
This time is a grace-filled opportunity for rest, prayer, and studies designed for those in ministry or in a life changing transition, open to United States and International men and women, clergy and laity of all denominations, and members of religious communities.  Included are opportunities for an eight (8) to thirty (30) day directed Ignatian retreat, contemplative prayer, art, Healing Touch Massage Therapy, hermit experience, counseling and spiritual direction.


Questions answered in the Sabbatical Brochure:        WVIS Sabbatical Program Brochure (click here)
…..When is the Sabbatical Program offered?
…..When must the application be submitted?  (Application forms are listed below.)
…..What programs/offerings/opportunities are provided?
…..Is there community experience?
…..Miscellaneous information


Applications are due two (2) months prior to the chosen Sabbatical start date.
Sabbatical Program Application forms to download and print are listed below:
Application to the WVIS Sabbatical Program  (click here to download and print)
WVIS Sabbatical Recommendation (click here to download and print)
WVIS Sabbatical Medical Certification Form (click here to download and print)






The Retreat in Daily Life

This retreat is an adaptation of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for those who cannot make the 30 day live-in retreat in the context of daily life. The retreatant is individually directed by an experienced spiritual director for review and guidance in prayer and discernment. Offering: $2,100. This retreat is uniquely tailored by the director for the individual. The number of sessions over a 10 month period will vary.  For more information, call (304) 345-0926 or email wviscr@aol.com.


12-step Retreat

Weekend retreat for 12-Step program.  Cost: $85 per day.  For more information, call (304) 345-0926 or email wviscr@aol.com.


Advent Silent-Directed Retreat

December 14-15, 2018         Advent Directed Retreat 2018 Flyer
For more information call (304) 345-0926 or email wviscr@aol.com. 



Lent Silent-Directed Retreat

For more information call (304) 345-0926 or email wviscr@aol.com.   



Certification Programs

Spiritual Direction

Associate Spiritual DirectorsEach September a new group of candidates begin a three-part journey of development at The West Virginia Institute For Spirituality. This Spiritual Direction training program is a part time course of study that prepares spiritual directors for ministry in parish communities and religious congregations.  Application deadline:  August 1.
WV Institute for Spirituality Spiritual Direction Certification Information (Revised April 2018)  (Click Here)
WVIS Spiritual Direction Certification Training Program  (Click Here)
Application Form to download and print:        WVIS Spiritual Direction Certification Program Application Form  (Click Here)



WVIS is committed to the formation of competent supervisors in the specialized ministry of spiritual direction. With supervision being such an essential component of any spiritual direction training program it is crucial to have trained supervisors. Participants in this program will receive 75-120 hours of individual and group supervision. Click the brochure for dates, tuition and prerequisites.   2018-2019 Certificate in Supervision Brochure

19th Annotation

This concentrated program will focus on the Grace, the Dynamics, Content, and Process of the Spiritual Exercises and assist those spiritual directors who are presently or who desire to give the 19th Annotation. Emphasis will be placed on the role of the Spiritual Directors as well as the essential elements of discernment. The dates for 2018 are January 17-20.2019.   

Retreat in Everyday Life 19th Ann 2019




 Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development:   WVIS offers Spiritual Directors on-going  professional development. Programs are offered once or twice every year to further develop their training and expertise as Spiritual Directors.   See the flyer “Growing In Grace” for registration information and cost for the 2018 program.

The 2018 Continuing Professional Development program for spiritual directors will be conducted October 19-20.   Every year, the West Virginia Institute for Spirituality offers programs to enrich the professional development of spiritual directors.  In these offerings, we use a formative approach to the material which will be presented.  To enhance your own continued education in the ministry of spiritual direction and for the benefit of your directees, you are invited to join us for this next opportunity.

Growing in Grace (CPD 2018) – click here for flyer

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Spiritual Direction – Prayer – Reflection – Meditation

Interested in receiving Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction provides a companion and guide for the journey of spiritual growth. It is the goal of the Spiritual Director to help a person develop a closer relationship with God and to discern the invitations of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Direction Brochure (click here)

The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality has certified spiritual directors/prayer guides who may be able to partner with you on your Spiritual Journey. You may wish to contact one of the following certified  Associate Spiritual Directors or call 304-345-0926.

Eileen Chwalibog (Huntington) grace51@aol.com 304-521-5463

Rev. Mr. Brian Crim (Inwood) crimscout@gmail.com 304-283-7777

Marie Crim (Inwood) luckymama58@gmail.com 304-229-5014

Leanna Lake (Waynesburg, PA) llake0619@gmail.com 814-558-5596
Kathy Lester (Charleston) kmlester53@yahoo.com 304-610-2852

  Donna Manko-Kochirka (Pittsburgh, PA) deemanko@concast.net 412-722-4539
Sr. Molly Maloney, OSF (Charleston) wvissrmolly@aol.com 304-542-1385
Cindy Neely (Chapel Hill, NC) neelycynthia@gmail.com 606-923-0437

Thomas Octave (Verona, PA) tomoctave@gmail.com
Margaret (Susie) Pace (Princeton) topsy@suddenlink.net  304-920-5500
Sr. Carole Riley, CDP, Ph.D. (Charleston) wviscr@aol.com 412-901-4259

Sr. Ritamary Schulz, ASCJ (Camden, CT) wvsrritamary@aol.com 304-444-5009

Rev. Diane Shoaf (Miami, FL) Shoaf456@bellsouth.net  786-877-8319

Elaine Soper (Ronceverte) elainesoper@gmail.com 304-667-9432

Rev. Mr. Thomas Soper (Ronceverte) thomassoper@shetel.net 304-667-9732

Sr. Mary Irene Sorber, SCC (Fairmont, Parkersburg, Lewisburg, Weston, Buckhannon) wvismaryirene@aol.com 201-230-2362

 Dorothy Tullmann (Crozet, VA) dftullmann@gmail.com 434-952-3351

Phyllis Vealey (Beckley) pweagel@suddenlink.net 304-228-7780
Gerri Wright (Charleston) gerwright1@aol.com 304-552-3662

Make checks payable: West Virginia Institute for Spirituality
The West Virginia Institute For Spirituality is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Sometimes it is not always possible to meet in person for Spiritual Direction. Once you have selected a director you may decide there are times you would prefer to have your spiritual direction session by Facetime, Skype, Google +, or phone. You can work this out with your director.

 Contemplative Prayer:

Contemplative Prayer is offered on Thursday evenings at 5:00 PM throughout the year from September through May. Centering Prayer is a receptive prayer of resting in God. It is a method of prayer, which prepares us to receive the gift of God’s presence, traditionally called contemplative prayer. Though we think of prayer as thoughts or feeling expressed in words, this is only one expression. Contemplative Prayer is a prayer of silence, and experience of God’s presence.  

Check our calendar page for time and dates.


Reflection Opportunities

2018 WVIS Easter Season Reflections
WVIS Lent Reflections 2018 Web Version
2017 Advent – Christmas Seasons Reflections (click here)
2017 WVIS Reflections Ash Wednesday to Easter Vigil
2017 WVIS Reflections Easter to Pentecost
2016 WVIS Advent Reflection Booklet
WVIS Advent Reflection Booklet – 2015
The Stations of the Cross For Me And With Me – Three Prayer Periods

Marathon I-Getting Started
Marathon II-Temple Maintenance Journal
Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday Reflection Booklet 2016
Booklet Easter to Pentecost 2016

Soup and Silence

For 45 minutes, leave your home/office, let go of all your “to do’s” and launch into the quiet to refresh you body – soul.   First Friday of each month (September through May – beginning at Noon).



11th Step Meditation

11th Step Meditation, facilitated by Charlie B., will be offered at WVIS on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM.


 WVIS Outreach

West Virginia Institute Staff Members and Associate Spiritual Directors are available to come to churches or synagogues to present workshops on a various spirituality topics.

Spiritual Direction provides a companion and guide for the journey of spiritual growth. It is the goal of the Spiritual Director to help a person develop a closer relationship with God and to discern the invitations of the Holy Spirit.
On-Site Workshop: Spiritual Direction & Prayer

 Prayer Guidance
On-Site Workshop: Spiritual Direction & Prayer




Merton Institute:

The Charleston Chapter of the Merton Institute. Everyone is welcome to join us in discussing all things Merton. check our calendar page for dates and time.

Healing Touch Massage:

Massage therapy is a professional healing art that utilizes various forms of touch to bring about a holistic, integrated sense of well-being.  It works with most of the major systems of the body in such a way that we can sense ourselves as unified and harmonious creations of God.
To schedule an appointment contact: Sr. Molly Maloney, OSF, M.A., LMT at (304) 345-0926.
Click here for more information:  Massage Brochure

Prayer Guidance Opportunity:

Monthly opportunities  in your home community (WV), if there are 5-10 persons, for prayer guidance with Sr. Carole Riley and Sr. Mary Irene Sorber.
Contact wvismaryirene@aol.com or call 304-345-0926.


1601 Virginia Street East, Charleston, West Virginia 25311   304.345.0926 (main)   304.345.8206 (fax)

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