Spiritual Direction/Supervision

The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality (WVIS) offers both Certified Spiritual Directors for those desiring to meet with a spiritual director AND Certified Supervisors for qualified spiritual directors seeking ongoing supervision.

What is Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction provides a companion and guide for the journey of spiritual growth. It is the goal of the Spiritual Director to help a person develop a closer relationship with God and to discern the invitations of the Holy Spirit.

The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality has certified spiritual directors/prayer guides who are available to partner with you on your Spiritual Journey. You may wish to contact one of our certified Associate Spiritual Directors (Click HERE) or call 304-345-0926.

Supervision for Directors

Supervision offers a great service to those who work as directors as well as their directees. It provides a safe space where they can reflect on their practice and be accountable, all in order to grow and be of greater service to their directees.

The West Virginia Institute for Spirituality has certified Supervisors who available to qualified spiritual directors. We recommend that you contact two of our listed supervisors and have an initial meeting with each of them as part of your discernment process. Click HERE for a list of Supervisors.

WVIS offers:

Individual Spiritual Direction (and Supervision) in-person or via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime (or other technology)

Ignatian Directed 3-day, 5-day, 8-day Retreats

30-Day Spiritual Exercises

19th Annotation (30-Day Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life)

Prayer Guidance

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Download WVIS Spiritual Direction brochure HERE.
Learn more about WVIS Spiritual Direction Training Program HERE.
Click HERE to locate a WVIS Spiritual Director near you or call 304-345-0926

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