The Ardath S Francke Hermitage

Nestled in a beautifully historic neighborhood in Charleston, West Virginia near the Kanawha River lies an oasis – the West Virginia Institute for Spirituality (WVIS).

When you walk through this quaint neighborhood, the retreat house appears to be just another of the lovely historic homes with new Spring flowers and beautiful Fall berries.

But inside its garden gates, like a Russian Nesting Doll, is a tiny cottage – the Hermitage. The Hermitage is a charming dwelling place of peace and refuge. Its very presence invites you to enter into the divine at the very center of not only this physical space, but yourself.

If you find yourself longing for solitude, for a place to pray or discern a possible new path in your life, to study, or simply to rest – the Hermitage will open its door to you. This sacred space quietly and unassumingly speaks to the souls of those who visit.

Just outside the Hermitage, on the grounds of WVIS, you can spend time in the beautiful gardens or in the Chapel (Nazareth House of Prayer) where you can pray in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord. As you quietly wander about this historic neighborhood, you can visit the West Virginia State Capital, walk an outdoor labyrinth, or sit and relax by the Kanawha River. Whatever you are looking for, the Hermitage awaits your visit.

Come to the Hermitage. Come to the quiet. To reserve a space call 304.345.0926.

Sr. Ritamary Schultz

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Why come to the Hermitage

1601 Virginia Street East, Charleston, West Virginia 25311   304.345.0926 (main)   304.345.8206 (fax)

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